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Lee Mansfield

Lee was born in Burnley, Lancashire, he began taking pictures at an early age, under the guidance of his father, who was also keen on photography. By late teens Lee had acquired his first 35mm camera, then came the digital age. Lee then started out with his first digital camera then expanding to DSLR camera.
Lee has always had a passion for taking photos of landscapes, buildings and of course his children.
Lee’s working career has always been in I.T. and has a big interest in photo editing and special effects.
In 2017 Lee gained his PfCO license (Permission for Commercial Operation) which is regulated by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). This was a 3 day course comprising of classroom theory and understanding how the drone operates. During the 3 day course a comprehensive operations manual had to be wrote and test flights setup and obeyed. This gave him the accreditation and certificate that shows he is capable of flying a commercial drone and understanding the aviation laws under the CAA regulations.
Lee then purchased his first commercial drone, after weeks and months of practice he became gifted in creating 180° & 360° panoramic photos.
The 360° panoramic images you see are made up of 34 individual photos at 10.58° degrees. He normally takes about 5 sets of 34 (the subject) which is 170 photos. He then selects the best 34 images, edits each one to get the best resolution, stitches them together then adds the final edit to create the full image. Lee may also add little novelty effects to add character to the photo.
The 180° panoramic landscapes are made up of 21 images, again these are individually edited, stitched together to make a high resolution landscape photo.
A lot of time, planning and effort go into creating the perfect 360° photo, this style of photography is very unique.