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Richard Green

Richard is a self taught artist, after a great interest in art at school, he took another path for his career. However, about 15 years ago he bought a Cotman set of watercolours and was instantly hooked but only really dabbled with the medium. His early influences have been through the work and books of Ron Ranson, especially those books on the Edwards – Seago & Wesson. His interest in these two artists ultimately lead him to the door of Wiltshire artist and teacher Steve Hall to whom he is indebted for the help and advise that he received.
"One of the benefits of painting is that my network of friends has grown, meeting and socialising with other artists has become one of my greatest pleasures and through painting I have made many firm friendships."

What do I paint?

A lot of my painting is completed in the studio from photographs and sketches. My main interest is in the landscape, I enjoy painting in the field in front of the scene but don’t get to do this as much as I would like however this year I have resolved to get out on location more (hopefully sharing my experiences with you).

With regard to subject matter portraiture, still life and interiors are areas I will be trying to improve upon over the next twelve months.

My aim is to try and paint in a loose impressionistic style, sometimes I have moments of clarity and produce a piece of work that I don’t beat myself up too much over, those are the images on this site and I hope that you enjoy looking at them.