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Kate Collins

Kate lives in Poynton Cheshire, near to the Peak District. Her direct surroundings are hills and fields, but also not far from the industrial scenes of the North. There are still the old mills and viaducts dotted around the area, and she has decided to portray these towns and factories in both her paintings and on ceramics, because the unusual subject matter lends itself well to 3D art.

Kate has also always been a painter and though completely self-taught, she has managed to gradually build-up her own style.
She began painting in watercolours, then oils, the painting on ceramics came later, but it has taken at least 15 years of practice and experimentation to reach the point that she has reached now.

The scenes which she paints on white ceramic vases and bowls are a combination of lustre, paint, and enamels. Gold is used in fine pen-work to finish the pieces, which are then fired up to five times in a small kiln. With the level of involvement required with each piece, an object can take several days to complete.