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Hugh Winterbottom

With my work I am trying to capture a fresh colourful style using various techniques in oil paint. In 2013 I sent a submission for an Exhibtion to the Salford City Art Gallery. To my surprise i was accepted for a solo exhibtion in the North gallery in May 2015. To fill this fantastic space I need 40 paintings which I am working towards with great excitement. The theme of the exhibition is to paint from the centre of Manchester outwards to the surrouding towns and villages and country side. most paintings are 20×16″ but I am also working on much larger pieces of work. As far as I can remember I have always painted wherever I could including the back bedroom attic and above a stable. In 2008 i started to share a studio on the 4th floor of Woodend Mill in bottom Mossley. Which has a good amount of space, fantastic light and the ability to just turn up and start painting. This gives me the opportunity to focus on the work. Network Rail have recently commissioned a large piece for Victoria Station in Manchester, which now takes pride of place there.
I am becoming more well known as one of the 'Manchester' artists and several North West Galleries have accepted my work.