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Chris Cyprus

Chris was born in Gorton, Manchester in 1971. After a brief spell in Stockport, he moved to Mossley, Ashton– under—Lyne, a small town built around the old cotton mills and the river Tame. After leaving school, he joined the family business as a carpet fitter until 1991, when he started working as a self employed builder and part time musician.
After a work related injury, Chris took up painting as a hobby and in 1999 hired a stand at the Manchester Art Show, where he sold out of all his paintings.
A self taught, painter, Chris began painting Lancashire’s stunning landscapes, but moved on to painting allotments on the hillsides close to his home. The huge appeal of these paintings led to numerous TV appearances and he became well known for these images. They are now in high demand and purchased by buyers at home and abroad who find a magnetic appeal in the secret world of garden sheds and home grown vegetables.
Chris suffered from a life changing illness in 2003 which has helped him to prioritise the important things in life, highlighting for him everday things that many people take for granted. This has strengthened his artistsc vision and fuelled his passion to succeed as an artist.
He is now regarded as one of the UK’s foremost naïve artists, being included in a recent book about naïve art.
His work is increasing in value and becoming highly collectible.
He shows in selected galleries throughout the UK
and is currently working on a new project called Northern Lights, a series of everyday street scenes captured at twilight.