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Geoff Beckett

Art has always been a big part of my life since growing up on a farm in the rolling countryside of the Maelor, a little patch of Wales stuck between Cheshire and Shropshire. Dig deep enough in my cupboards and there will be some of the mugs with a drawing I did aged 10 that my primary school picked to celebrate a school milestone, and at secondary school I won quite a surprisingly big prize in the national Christmas card competition – judged by none other than my hero Tony Hart.
The trickiest part of becoming an artist was probably finding a style that I could make my own. There was a few months of doing all sorts of paintings before one I called Round The Bend and I decided strong, bright colours and lots of curves were just too much fun and every painting since is just an evolution from this starting point.
I’ve always been something of a storyteller – to myself at least – and my work does seem to be snapshots of this odd little world that exists in my head. Even painting a real place the very first thing I do is take it and place it in that world before a pencil is touched. I paint for the enjoyment and hopefully that shows.