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Ceris Jones

Born in York in 1956 Ceris spent much of her childhood travelling extensively abroad with her family in the Royal Air Force. She graduated with a BA Honours in Fine Art in 1982 at Newcastle-upon-Tyne and achieved a PGCE in Art & Design at Leeds the following year. She went on to pursue a teaching career in Art mainstream education.
As a mainly figurative artist Ceris regularly works with the life model, a practice which she considers to be vital to the understanding of the human form.
Her particular interest, though, lies with the figure in action leading to drawings for which she is best known – those of cavers and divers. Her work depicts gestures and movements, trying to capture motivation, movement and a state of mind. She mostly works from observation, in charcoal or pencil to quickly portray the “moments” she has seen.
Although the figure still dominates she has recently produced a series of landscapes of the areas where caving and climbing takes place.
In August 2009 Ceris retired from teaching and is now devoting more time to producing her own work. Her cave-related work has been shown at international caving conferences and exhibitions in France, America and Australia and can be seen annually at the British National Hidden Earth Caving Conference. She lives and works in Preston.