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Nicola Litchfield

Pastel artist Nicola Litchfield lives and works in the North West.

Nicola grew up in Wiltshire. As a child her weekends and summers were spent at her grandparent’s farm, and it was there that her lifelong love of nature began.

Predominantly an animal artist, her paintings often capture private moments - a sleeping calf, a scratching pig, lamb’s playing. Working mostly in pastels she enjoys how the medium enables her to both paint and draw at the same time. The pure pigment allows her to make colourful, vibrant paintings and depict her subjects in an impressionistic and sensitive way.

Since winning the Society for All Artists, Artist of the Year Animal Category in 2008, Nicola’s work has become much in demand. She is a member of the Association of Animal Artists and exhibits in galleries all over the UK.

Nicola frequently undertakes commissions. Please enquire for further information.